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Are you a sh*t kicker?

It’s The Summer Of Love Tour

Mamapalooza 2014 with the Occupy Wall Street Puppets in NYC

Its The Summer Of Love Tour and We Feel Like Dancing. Pictured here is the Mamapalooza Stage NYC 2014 with the Occupy Wall Street Puppets. What are you listening to? What and WHO do you LOVE? #TheSummerOfLoveTour

House of Rock ‘n Roll – Why Make Music At All?

Smile House - Mamapalooza at The Summer of Love Tour

The radical notion that women, who are mothers, could persist in artistic endeavors despite cultural presumptions, in the face of commercial marginalization, and that those creations could make significant and meaningful cultural contributions, as well as support individual well-being, is core to the mission of MaMaPaLooZa.

The Way We Begin

Henna Taylor, The Way We Begin

The Way We Begin is a documentary film series that follows a young doula, and aspiring midwife, around the world as she documents the greater meaning and significance in the way we all begin our lives.

Silent No More Workshop at ISGP

ISGP Conference Silent No More Workshop

The “Silent No More” exhibit originated in a workshop setting at the Museum of Motherhood in 2014. Students are encouraged to share stories and art as a way to explore issues of bullying, silencing, and aggression. Read More.






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