MamaBlogger365 – The Journey by Jax Resto

(Need to catch up? Here’s the last installment of Jax Resto’s “The Journey”)
It’s taken years… or maybe just weeks, to find them, but time is relative.

Raven seems to have accepted transgender Jeri Jay into our female lineup. I can practically see the wheels turning in her head. Ways to market the band, some bordering on mockery. I know I will have to rein her in at some point onto the politically correct side, but right now I’m just glad we can move forward.

Though Raven’s performance at our first rehearsal was disappointing, I’m hoping she’ll improve with practice. She’s already solicited Jeri’s help, but after rehearsal, Jeri was so excited to be “one of the girls,” he’d have said yes to anything. By day two, he hasn’t answered Raven’s emails about getting together. Raven dubs him “flake.”

She emails me that she wants to keep looking for a guitarist, and sends me a link to one named Greg. “We need someone who can write. Jeri said he doesn’t write. And he hasn’t answered my emails. What’s wrong with him?”

“Jeri’s really busy,” I reply, not mentioning his friendly emails to me, telling me he can’t wait till next rehearsal. “And he doesn’t need to write. I write. He just needs to be able to play on guitar what’s in my head.”  

Raven persists. But I refuse to give in this time. To placate her, I tell her I’ll talk to Greg.

Interestingly, after a couple of pleasant email exchanges with Greg, he warns me about my partner, revealing they had a long phone conversation about band goals. “You two don’t seem like you’re on the same page.”

I’m embarrassed to admit she went behind my back, but the tone of his emails, and the fact that he felt he needed to warn me, tells me he’s already figured that out. He says, “Thanks, but no thanks.” And, “Good luck!”

Minutes later, I receive another email from Raven about Greg. “I had the greatest conversation with him yesterday,” she admits, without elaborating. “Now he sends me an email saying he’s not interested. Flake.”

I figure I’ll just let her hang herself, and I redirect the conversation back to music, attaching a song I wrote.

Her response? “I like the title, but can we change the lyrics? It’s not something I can relate to.”

If I were a cartoon, I’d be catching my eyes as they bulge out of their sockets.

After staring stupefied at her email for several seconds, I reply, “You aren’t always going to be able to relate to the songs I write. You’re like an actor.”

“I won’t have you telling me how to sing. I am a singer. Artist first.” (Seriously?)

During my second staring contest with her email, two more emails follow, the final one containing her resignation, along with the denouncement that I’m not HERA material. To her credit… or maybe mine, she doesn’t call me a flake.

I shoot a quick email to vocalist Tara and turn off the computer, pondering how I’m going to break the news to the rest of the band. Oddly, this is the lightest I’ve felt in years. No. It’s only been weeks . But… time is relative.

Wife, mom, and business owner by day, Jax spends many evenings playing drums in a rock band called Sweet Turbulence ( She is also part of a blossoming writing duo with artist Bud Buckley, called BudaRest. The Journey is a novel based on her experiences trying to put (and keep) together an all-female band.

For more on Jax and her music and writing, visit her at these sites:

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